Fire Batts & Boards

Amidst the vast landscape of fire safety products, Dortech Direct’s Fire Batts & Boards stand tall. These robust solutions are not just barriers; they’re bulwarks, specially crafted to counteract the devastating force of fire, providing both insulation and integrity.

Performance & Application:

Our Fire Batts & Boards are versatile solutions, adept at sealing off voids, penetrations, and irregular gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings. With their high-density composition, they act as formidable barriers, impeding the spread of flames and heat while simultaneously offering acoustic insulation.

Compliance & Standards:

Rooted in our commitment to unparalleled safety, our Fire Batts & Boards meet the most stringent of fire protection standards. Subjected to rigorous tests, they consistently demonstrate their prowess in resisting the aggression of intense fires, making them a trusted choice for professionals.

Fire Batts & Boards at Dortech Direct

  • SikaSeal 626 Fire Board+
  • Nullifire FJ240 Spanatherm Cavity Barrier
  • Protecta FR Board Ribbed
  • Nullifire FB750 2 hour Intubatt Coated Batt