Hinge Pads

At the intersection of design and safety, Dortech Direct’s Hinge Pads find their unique space. These seemingly simple additions play a pivotal role in fortifying doors against the relentless nature of fire, ensuring both function and protection harmoniously coexist.

Performance & Application:

Our Hinge Pads are meticulously crafted to cushion door hinges, reducing the risk of fire penetration through these critical points. Whether it’s for residential doors or commercial establishments, they offer an added layer of protection, ensuring the flames are kept at bay.

Compliance & Standards:

Safety is our foremost priority. To this end, Dortech Direct’s Hinge Pads are rigorously tested to adhere to strict fire safety standards. Their capability to resist and delay fire propagation speaks to their superior quality and reliability.

Hinge Pads at Dortech Direct

  • Hinge Pads Square (pack of 300)
  • Hinge Pads Radius (pack of 300)
  • Self Adhesive Hinge Pads Square (pack of 300)
  • Self Adhesive Hinge Pads Radius (pack of 300)