Putty Pads

In the world of fire safety, sometimes the smallest additions have the most profound impact. Putty Pads from Dortech Direct serve as a testament to this truth, offering robust fire protection in a seemingly humble package.

Performance & Application:

Our Putty Pads are designed to seal electrical outlet boxes, preventing the passage of flames, smoke, and toxic gases through walls and partitions. Easy to mold and apply, they provide a reliable solution in both new constructions and retrofits, ensuring these often-overlooked areas are well-guarded against fire.

Compliance & Standards:

Conforming to the highest industry benchmarks, our Putty Pads have undergone exhaustive testing to validate their fire-resistance capabilities. Meeting and often surpassing regulatory standards, they offer an added layer of assurance in fire safety protocols.

Putty Pads at Dortech Direct

  • Everbuild FireSpan Intumescent Pads
  • Everbuild FireSpan Intumescent Pads – Single
  • Everbuild FireSpan Intumescent Pads -Double
  • Protecta FR Putty Pads for Tap Water Wall Boxes
  • FR Putty Pad for Electrical Sockets
  • Nullifire FO100 Putty Pad Single
  • Nullifire FJ100 Putty Pad Double