Collars, Wraps & Sleeves

In the intricate tapestry of fire safety, Dortech Direct’s Collars, Wraps & Sleeves emerge as unsung heroes. Engineered to perfection, these products ensure that even the most vulnerable points in structures—like pipes and cables—don’t become pathways for fire.

Performance & Application:

Our range includes Collars that wrap around pipes, Wraps for cable bundles, and Sleeves for individual conduits. In the event of a fire, they expand and seal off these passages, thwarting the spread of flames and toxic fumes, and safeguarding both life and infrastructure.

Compliance & Standards:

Adhering to the pinnacle of fire safety norms, our Collars, Wraps & Sleeves undergo rigorous testing regimes. They consistently meet and exceed industry benchmarks, ensuring that buildings equipped with them are fortified to the highest standards.

Collars, Wraps & Sleeves at Dortech Direct

  • Protecta FR Pipe Wrap
  • Protecta FR Collar
  • Nullifire Self Adhesive Intumescent Pipe Wrap – FP300
  • Stainless Steel Firestop Intumescent Pipe Collars – 4 hour Rated
  • Sikaseal 627 Fire Collar +
  • Sikaseal 627 Fire Collar-FR Collar – 125mm
  • Sikaseal 629 Fire Wrap +
  • Nullifire FP170 Intucollar Pipe Collar