Fire Rated Tapes & Membranes

When it comes to passive fire protection, the importance of a quality sealant cannot be understated. At Dortech Direct, we proudly present our collection of Fire Rated Sealants, a crucial component in the broader fire safety ecosystem.

Performance & Application:

Our sealants are designed for a multitude of applications, be it sealing joints, gaps, or penetrations in åwalls, floors, and ceilings. These sealants are not just about stopping flames; they’re also adept at preventing the spread of smoke and toxic gases, two major hazards during fires.

Compliance & Standards:

Adhering to the highest industry standards, our Fire Rated Sealants have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet and exceed the requirements set for fire resistance. Customers can trust in the product’s efficacy, knowing they’re compliant with prevailing safety regulations.